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Improve HMD support -- on 360Cities.net and mobile app

Having just got a GearVR (S6 edition) I am busy exploring the possibilities for viewing panos on it. One important sources is 360Cities, which has had a side-by-side 'cardboard' mode for some months. I'd like to report some pluses and minuses of that service. On the plus side, it can show any pano side-by-by-side; goes full screen properly on several browsers on the S6 phone; and (to my pleasant surprise) responds to horizontal swipes on the GVR touchpad by panning the view to a new stable position -- great for people without swivel chairs or a taste for gymnastics.
Now the minuses. The basic 360Cities pano page is unintelligible on a mobile screen, though it does fortunately go to something usable when you tap the hand icon (but the icons on that screen seem to need double-taps to activate them). The s-b-s view has just barely tolerable resolution -- on the S6 it could be a lot higher. And in GVR there is slight but noticeable distortion.
The 360Cities App has a much more mobile friendly UI but unfortunately tapping the cardboard icon crashes it on my phone. And why does 360Cities.net keep telling me to get the app, when it is already installed?

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  • Michael Krupp commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Hello. I am having the same problem with a crash upon tapping the card board icon. Galaxy s7.
    thanks. Mike

  • Andy Bryant commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Would also like to be able to look at the place-marker to a nearby pano to jump to the next one.

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