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make it possible to actually upload a 360 video....by providing a "browse" (to the video file location). I circle between information-save

The upload 360 video page takes the identifying information, then save....without every providing an intake of browse to the actual video file location....for uploading. If I hit save...,.thinking I am then going to the upload.....I get the identifying info page again for the NEXT upload.

What am I missing here?

And on this page, the "report issues, ask your question" link does not work.


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  • Peter Patricelli MD commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Apparently the secret handshake is to use CHROME for the video upload. In Windows the actual upload box apparently does not appear. I am aware there was a suggestion to use Chrome....but that is different than a mandate. Windows has worked fine for regular uploads.....so I tried it. Would have been nice if this was made clear. I just wasted an hour.

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