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Oculus Gear VR viewing of 360cities panos

I was very pleased to see that the default for 360 photos in Gear VR is 360Cities.com with an awesome splash screen from Arroz Mariscos welcoming us to the panos. I have one feature request and one question:

1. It would be awesome if we could insert hotspots into our panos and create a tour viewable in Gear VR.

2. Is there a way to have the statistics tell us how many views we are getting in Gear VR ? I clicked a few in the last 3 days and my counter still says 0 views.

Thanks much !

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Nick Hobgood shared this idea  ·   ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →
declined  ·  AdminElena Martínez (Admin, 360Cities) responded  · 

Hello Nick,

Thanks a lot for contacting us.

1. Creating hotspots to link panoramas for virtual tours is a good idea and something we will suggest to Oculus as it is their app on the Gear VR and Rift.

2. We will discuss with Oculus whether this feature might be possible in the future.

Best regards,



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