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why IOS APP din't Update?

View any panorama on your website in Google Cardboard. Here's how: https://www.360cities.net/help/panoramas-in-virtual-reality

But,With the instriction offered I was able to fullscreen in PC by clicking the rightbutton, but I can't do it the same way on iPhone6 by touching the image when browsing it on safari or chorme.
To solve the probem I bought APP from APPLESTORE named 360cities, on which images may diaplay fullscreen,but any VR icon or Gyro icon didn't show.

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Pengwebber shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
declined  ·  AdminElena Martínez (Admin, 360Cities) responded  · 

Hello Pengwebber,

Thanks for reporting this issue. We are already working on solving it.

Regarding the iOS app it doesn’t have the VR feature.

I’ll be back to you as soon the issue is fixed.



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